Virtualization Assessment


A vTech Virtualization Assessment will

  • Assess the current IT infrastructure
  • Deliver a roadmap to optimize IT resources
  • Minimize risk of infrastructure changes
  • Develop cost justification for consolidation
  • Be delivered by  vTech professionals
  • Be vendor agnostic
  • Leverage the knowledge of leaders in virtualization technology

In this fixed fee engagement, vTech will engage with your staff, both on and off-site, to prepare a meaningful, independent and reliable report.  Many consultants enter such an engagement with a pre-determined outcome that may favor VMware, Citrix, or Microsoft.  Our vendor-agnostic approach is unique and will likely result in cost savings and a more robust, ‘best-of-breed’ solution.

vTech will deliver this Assessment in both hard and soft copy as well as present its findings to both IT and general management.

Data Collection
There are four major data sets that will be collected during that Assessment. They are

  • Current Hardware, software and network environment
  • Performance metrics – both current and desired
  • Current virtualization activities and strategies
  • Business requirements, strategies, objectives and projections

Key Activities
The project will consist of the following phases:

Assessment Questionnaire
A questionnaire will be sent to the client to begin the initial data.

Kickoff meeting
At this meeting

  • Key staff and rolls will be determined
  • The response to the Assessment Questionnaire will be reviewed and further detailed
  • Assessment scope and expectations will be finalized
  • Work schedule and logistics will be determine


Data Collection

  • Data collection will continue through both automated and interactive processes
  • Data collection tools will be used where appropriate and helpful

Review Meetings
Both on and off-site meetings will occur with the appropriate stake holders to ensure the Assessment will meet both IT and organization objectives

These review meetings will include an Analysis of Current Findings.  These presentations of initial findings will include:

  • Virtualization candidates
  • Consolidation scenarios with readiness, risks and benefits studies

Assessment Delivery and Presentations
The Virtualization Assessment is a comprehensive document and presentation detailing virtualization candidates and consolidation scenarios that are crucial to a successful virtualization deployment.


Virtualization Assessment
Document and Presentation sections will include:

Section Description
Executive Summary Project overview, business drivers, success criteria, project phases, key findings, as well as short-term and long-term recommendations.
Utilization Assessment Contains the utilization metrics across all monitored workloads during the monitoring period of the Virtualization Assessment.
Excluded devices from Virtualization An inventory of excluded devices that are not suitable for virtualization as they do not meet the criteria for a successful virtualization.
Consolidation Scenarios Recommended scenarios for a consolidation project based on the findings of the Virtualization Assessment


Benefit Analysis An enumeration of benefits including user-experience, productivity and ROI


The final and complete Virtualization Assessment document will be delivered to the client.  In addition, a
detailed, give-and-take presentation of the findings will be given to both IT and general business management.


Benefits to Client

  • Accelerated deployment of virtual infrastructure
  • Mitigation of risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices and methodologies
  • Detailed design to meet best practices within the client’s environment and budget
  • Detailed financial analysis that builds the business case for gaining funding approval
  • Enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives
  • Helps client to meet their Green IT initiatives