IT Outsourcing Service


Network Engineering

Network Design *  Network Installation  *  Network Support
IT Outsourcing *  Onsite – Remote Support
Technology Consulting *  Hardware/Software Purchase

Integrated Business Solutions

Document Management System and Imaging Integration
Paperless Office *  Corporate Level Email *  DID Hunting
Corporate Level Faxing *  Print to Fax *  Broadcast Fax
Remote Connectivity *  Connect to Your Office Any Where and Time


VOIP *  Shore Tel *  Installation *  Support

Web Design and Hosting

Custom Web Design *  VB Scripting


Corporate Antivirus Solutions w Spyware Detection
Spyware Removal *  Email Spam /AV Protection
Scheduled Maintenance to Minimize Unscheduled Downtime

Disaster Recovery

Data Replication & Distributed File System
Disk Imaging *  Rapid Recovery WS Profiles
Multiple Server Back-up Solutions


Security Auditing w  Hacking Network Penetration
Surf Control *  Limit Access to Internet Sites
Web Filtering *  Firewall Port Lock Down
Protecting Network from Public Network Internet Attack
Monitor Employee Productivity

**Industry Best Practice Recommendation and Implementation